Ballet and Open Dance Classes for kids ages 3-12.

Nautilus Plate Loaded Iso-strength High Row

The Abs Company- Abs Bench X2 and Ab Coaster 3000

Matrix S-Drive Discover the unmatched versatility of the S-Drive Performance Trainer to help your athletes elevate their explosiveness and endurance while refining form. Only the S-Drive Performance Trainer gives you everything you get from self-powered treadmill and weighted sleds

Matrix Glute/Ham Reverse Hypertension

2 Dead Lift Platforms

New Urethane Dumbbells and Straight Barbells

2 New Power Racks

True Full Body Press-the Full Body Press is part of the all-new Composite strength line from TRUE Fitness. Combining the benefits of core conditioning with fullbody integrated motions, the Full Body Press engages a wide variety of muscle groups throughout the entire body — all on one machine. An easily adjustable, multiposition starting point ..