Virtual Classes






  • An energizing, 3 Dimensional, functional, sports inspired workout that trains for life! It is all about
    Sweat + Smiles.
  • The 55, 45, or 30 minute workout takes the participant through HIIT, power, speed, agility,
    coordination, and strength training movements to improve overall fitness as well as functional fitness.
  • The instructor wears a “3 Dimensional hat” to challenge participants through aerobic, sports, and
    strength while showcasing lots of options to encourage the power of choice. The music and atmosphere
    is FUN! People leave BODYATTACK feeling accomplished, athletic, challenged, and craving to return!
    BODYFLOW is the Tai Chi, Yoga, and Pilates workout that leaves you feeling long, calm, and strong.
  • This class builds whole body strength, improves balance, and calms the mind. It empowers members
    with options so they can choose what’s best for them.
  • connects body, mind, and breath while gaining strength and mobility. It carves out time to slow the
    mind, body, and breath and ‘just be’.
  • yoga for all levels with a touch of Tai Chi and Pilates to develop strength, flexibility and balance for life,
    a mind body journey set to incredible music for all fitness levels
  • Mixed Martial arts inspired, cardio focused program with strength benefits.
  • Combines upper and lower body movements for all experience and fitness levels.
  • Punch and kick combinations that improve speed, power, and coordination to get you fighting fit.
  • BODYPUMP is a resistance-based workout using a barbell with light to moderate weight, doing lots of
    reps, to get lean, toned, and fit fast
  • Weight selection is self-regulated, giving participants autonomy over intensity, while executing
    traditional weight training exercises to different tempos at safe and effective ranges of motion for
    everyone and anyone
  • During the 55, 45, or 30min workout, a variety of rhythms and genres including top hits and classics,
    keep participants engaged, challenged, and motivated to keep coming back for more every time
  • High-energy cardio dance workout with no dance experience necessary!
  • This dance workout is designed around repetition with fresh moves to the latest music.
  • We rehearse moves and learn 2 routines that get you to have fun, get fit, and lose yourself in dance.
  • A fun and energizing step workout that pushes fat-burning systems into high gear thru results-focused,
    functional, step training.
  • The 55 minute workout takes the participant through four cardio-peak tracks and eight in-between
    tracks that strengthen, tone and shape the lower and upper body using power, speed, agility, and
    strength to improve both functional and overall fitness.
  • The instructor hosts a fun and inclusive party that challenges and encourages all participants by
    coaching different levels of intensity and complexity allowing participants to train ‘their way’, while
    connecting to themselves, the people around them, the music and the workout! People leave feeling
    energized and excited to return.


  • The 2-3 year old format is a class where both the parents (or caregiver) and child participate. The
    instructor facilitates a class full of exploration through music and movement.
  • The 4-5 year old format is for the children only. The instructor leads a fun filled themed musical
    adventure that guides children through various motor movements, balances, levels, and shapes. This
    fun filled adventurous class allows children to be imaginative both mentally and physically.
  • The 6-16 year old format now comes as one. This format change allows the instructor to teach a class
    based on development levels vs. age. Children will explore martial arts, dance, yoga, jumping, core
    work, and games all in one class at the level that keeps everyone challenged and successful!
  • 30-minutes of functional core strength, the most important 30 minutes of the whole day! 3-
    dimensional training for the core, strengthening the muscles that help support the spine through
    everyday movement.
  • “Core” is a buzz word, but not everyone knows what it means. CXWORX includes all aspects of the
    core, (front, side, back, shoulders, butt, hamstrings), not just the “abs”
  • supported by science and research to ensure the best possible results for participants
  • our job as instructors is to keep participants safe, offering choices and modifications for all fitness
  • A simple dance program that encourages freedom, expression and individuality where you can be the
    star of the show! No experience? No problem! Just come as you are and leave a star!
  • Each song takes you on a different musical and dance journey where you’ll sweat and smile from start
    to finish! Set to the beat to encourage you to explore the joy of dance.
  • An upbeat and energizing program that combines the best music and dance styles to deliver a great
    cardio workout while having fun!
  • designed for all ages and fitness levels. There is something for everyone. In SH’BAM our motto truly is
    “Anything goes and Everything is Encouraged”
  • A ballet-inspired workout that uses targeted muscle training to increase strength, stability, mobility,
    agility, and control for important parts of the body we don’t work anywhere else. This program is done
    without a barre but brings a genuine ballet feel.
  • allows members to experience the joy of ballet without the seriousness. It has options for all levels –
    whether you want to fly or stay grounded.
  • lets you get lost in dance while getting a great cardio and strength workout. Rediscover your inner
    dancer or find it for the first time!
  • 3 workouts in 1: Cardio, Strength, Core
  • Fully optioned allowing participants to choose their impact and intensity levels
  • Designed to give instructors the freedom to meet the specific needs of their members in their classes
  • Equipment used: SmartBands and Plates
  • 30-minutes of HIIT featuring 3 different formats based in strength, cardio and athletic movements.
  • The Coach will setup the working blocks and movements, then come around to help each person one-
    on-one just like a personal trainer.
  • The work is intense but allows quick results; people get fit fast. These workouts burn calories after it’s
    over, building lean body mass and improving athleticism
  • 30 Mins of HIIT- not a cycling class- Maximizing recovery in order to maximize work and get fit fast!
  • My job as a coach is to get you to forget about the bike because it is not about the bike but the
    work. The bike is simply a tool.
  • My job as a coach is take you to a place you can’t get to by yourself.
  • Peak Cardio training which means its cardio training for everyone!
  • We go through a series of different terrains to take your heart rate up and keep it up and that’s how
    we burn fat and build lean muscle.
  • Fairly standard cycling class format based on a real life ride to awesome music- a rock concert on
    The TRIP
  • Truly Immersive experience that bombards the senses with sound and visuals.
  • The coach acts as a tour guide leading you through different worlds with new challenges to help you
    find the new you.
  • The coach’s job is to add to the music and visuals, not take away from them, so like the bumpers in a
    bowling lane, acting as a buffer amplify the music visuals and work.