Personal Trainers



Having someone guide you step by step on what works for YOUR body is the perfect way to get into shape! Michelle is here to work with you and share her knowledge on exercising and being healthy!

Build strength and work toward your body goals by working with Conor who will develop a program designed specifically for your goals.

Emma Swim Instructor

Private & semi-private lessons are a great option for individualized instructions for swimmers of all ages and abilities. Private lessons are limited to one participant per instructor, semi-private can have up to 3, participants of your choosing. They are 30 minutes long. Group lessons can have up to 4 participants & last 45 minutes

Cali Tumbling Coach

Cali has been involved in competitive tumbling and cheer leading since she was 4 years old. She was a part of many great teams throughout those years and learned from many great coaches. Something she believe that sets her apart from others, is being just as involved in the class as my students! When she has students learning new skills, she demonstrates every step.